About Us

How we produce award winning wines!

Wine is a product that takes over 12-18 months to produce!  Grapes grown in full sunlight, hand tended for 10 months, picked gently so they retain quality, delivered and crushed within hours of being picked.   Months of work in the vineyard to grow the highest quality fruit.  We get only one crop of fruit per year from a vineyard.  One chance to get it right!

 We grow grapes and partner with growers to source high quality fruit...freshly picked grapes from the vine, then gently crush the berries to release the juice & then ferment the juice with high quality Non-GMO yeast strains in small fermenters.  We use naturally derived ingredients in our winemaking, no artifical colors or flavors.   Fermented to dry, less than 2 grams glucose/fructose per bottle of wine (4 x 187mL servings)*, compare that to 4 grams of suger in a single serving of seltzer beverage! 

Aged in either American or French oak barrels, we also age wines in stainless steel tanks.  Aging can take from 4 to 24 months depending on the wine.  The wine could have up to 3 years of production time behind it before we bottle.   This is a product that takes time to evolve.

Elegant, fruit forward wine style that showcases the vineyard!  Ripe, fresh fruit flavors and mouthwatering  finishes.

Please maintain a health driven lifestyle, exercise, eat well and enjoy our award winning Wildeye Wines in moderation!

Mike Berntsen aka "Winero"

*Wildeye 2017 vintage wines