WildEye Winery

About Us

20 vintages of experience

I've spent the last 20 years studying and working in the wine industry.  Drawing on my experiences making wine  from 6 countries and visiting hundreds of outstanding wine producers, I've created a elegant, fruit forward wine style that showcases the vineyard!  Ripe, fresh fruit flavors and mouthwatering  finishes, we hope you keep coming back for more of our favorite varietals!  We only partner with growers that have the same attention to detail for grape growing that we do...the highest standard.

Mike Berntsen aka "Winero"

The Horse...the label...

Our colorful and vibrant label gets attention wherever we go!  Pizzazz the horse graces our label and was a member of the family for many years.  We tried to capture the free spirit, the energy and the wildness of a performance horse in our label...our wine fans let me know that we have! 


To ride a horse for 100 miles in 24 hours you put the time and detail into a training program that develops results.   The wine business is no diffferent.

20 years of tasting wines, 240 months of business planning, 7,300 days of thinking about how to deliver high quality wines for our customers...

We've spent 20 years to perfect our style and share it with you...please join us for the ride!